# jnsp

Information Security, Software Development and *NIX


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Below are my contact details, you can preferably contact me via (encrypted) email using my PGP key provided below.

contact details

PGP: D0DA 93B0 C832 EA53 5A0A 63A2 0115 2D4B E370 FCEA (download)

This PGP key was signed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (represented by Governikus GmbH & Co. KG). You can verify the signature using the information provided by Governikus here. Additionally, this key was signed by my old key which holds many signatures from various key signing parties and likely allows you to find a trust-path to my new key.

Alternatively, you can retrieve my PGP key securely via DNS (signed by DNSSEC). You can get the openpgpkey program by installing hash-slinger.

$ openpgpkey --fetch jannis@pinterjann.is | gpg --import