JAWS - Just another WiFi scanner

27 August 2015

JAWS is a simple, free and open source WiFi scanner for Android. It was created out of the lack of a WiFi scanner that was available on F-Droid. The idea to build a WiFi scanner app was on my mind for a quite a while and now I found the time to write one. Currently, version 0.3 is released and version 0.4 is in the making.

The app provides some additional features compared to the built in WiFi scanner. Probably the most significant difference is that it shows some technical details that the built in scanner hides.


  • Shows networks on access point level
  • Shows network capabilities in detail
  • Shows signal strength in percent and RSSI
  • Shows BSSID of each network
  • Provide a nice UI

The source code is available on GitHub. Pull requests are welcome! :)